The Pumping Station is committed to providing those interested in hardcore or natural bodybuilding, Weight Training & Weight Lifting with the most effective weightlifting methods, supplements and bodybuilding equipment available. Many programs fall way short of the mass increase, strength improvement, Fat loss, body toning, and muscle definition that they promised. They may have taken hours of your precious time with minimum results. They may have left you too exhausted to perform your important daily activities. We are committed to teaching you weight training for fat loss, muscle gain and nutrition the natural way. No matter what your experience level, you'll find something here to teach you more about your training, answer questions about your sticking points, or inspire you to new strength and to reach your weight lifting goals.

1 Rep Max Calculator
10 Bodybuilding Tips to Build Mass
Abbreviated Workouts
Advanced Bodybuilding Techniques
All or None Principle of Muscle Contraction
Are Bodybuilding Contests Fixed?
Are There Really 400 lb Bodybuilders?
Anatomy for Bodybuilding
Arnold Schwarzenegger Psychology
Basic Principles of Building Muscle Mass
Basic Weight Training Information for Beginners
Basic Weight Training Tips
Bench Press Shirts Review
Best Compound Exercises for Muscle Mass
Best Isolation Exercises for Bodybuilding
Bicep Blast, Add 1 inch to Your Arms
Benefits of Stretching Weight Training
Beyond Failure Training
Bodybuilding History
Bodybuilders That Went Too Far
Bodybuilding Burn Reps
Bodybuilding for Beginners Tips
Bodybuilding Roadblocks to Success
Bodybuilding Motivation Tips
Bodybuilding Murder
Bodybuilding Plyometrics
Bodybuilding Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass
Bodybuilding Tips For Making Gains Like A Pro
Bodybuilding Training Techniques
Bodybuilding Visualization Tips and Techniques
Bodybuilding without Steroids
Building Fitness Equipment
Build Muscle Quickly
Cardio and Strength Training Workouts for Beginners
Cheat Repetitions
Common Bench Press Problems and Solutions
Compensatory Acceleration Training
Continuous Tension
Dead Stop Reps
Does Weight Lifting Stunt Growth in Height
Doug Hepburn Interview
Drop Sets Technique
Dumbbell Curl Variations
Eclectic Workouts
Epsom Salt Bath Weight Lifting
Exercise Equipment Reviews
Explosive Mass! How To Get Big!
Fake Natural Bodybuilders
Female Bodybuilding Tips and Tricks
Female Weight Training Myths
Fitness Calculators
Floor Press Exercise Benefits
Free Weights vs Machines Which is Better
Full Range of Motion Weight Training
General Adaptation Syndrome Weight Training
Get Ripped Workouts
Glossary of Bodybuilding Terms
Guide on How to Build Muscle
Gym Idiots
Hardgainer Information
High Intensity Training Theory
Holistic Training Bodybuilding
How Do I Start Weight Lifting
How Much Does Genetics Play a Role in Bodybuilding
How Much Weight Should You Lift
How to Beat Muscle Building Plateaus
How to Get a Better Bench Press
How to Get a Better Looking Body
How to Get a Bikini Ready Body
How to Get Absolutely Huge
How to Get Stronger Powerlifting
How To Grow Muscle While You Sleep
How to Get Broad Shoulders and Small Waist
How to Increase One Rep Max Bench Press
How to Master the Bench Press
How to Prevent Muscle Cramps while Working Out
How to Start a Weight Training Program
How to Use Weightlifting Straps
How to Setup a Home Gym
HST Hypertrophy Specific Training Program
Important Muscle Building Tips
Instinctive Training Principle
Is Natural Bodybuilding Really Natural
Isometric Training
Joe Weider Principles of Training
Keys to Bodybuilding and Fitness Success
Mind Body Connection Weight Lifting
Mind Over Muscle Bodybuilding
Most Important Weight Lifting Exercises
Muscle Confusion
Muscle Failure Training
Muscle Flushing
Muscle Gaining Secrets
Muscle Memory
Muscle Priority
Muscle Size vs Strength
Myths about Gaining Weight and Muscle
Natural Bodybuilders vs Steroids
Natural Bodybuilding Tips
Negative Reps Weight Training
New Year's Resolutions and Working Out
Not to Failure Training
Old School Bodybuilding Principles
One and a Half Reps
Overcoming Common Obstacles to Your Workout Plan
Overtraining and How to Avoid It
Peak Contraction
Priodization Training
Power Factor Training
Powerlifting Training Tips
Pre Exhaustion Training
Printable Beginner Bodybuilding Workout Routine
Printable Intermediate Bodybuilding Workout Routine
Printable Advanced Bodybuilding Workout Routine
Pro Bodybuilders Who Have Died
Proper Lifting Technique
Rep Targeting
Rest Pause Sets
Roid Rage Real or Fake
SAID Principle and bodybuilding
Secrets to Building Muscle Mass
Sergio Oliva Shot by his Wife
Strip Sets Training
Strength Training Basics for Beginners
Strength Training Strategies That Actually Work
Stretch Marks Because of Weight Lifting
Supersets Weight Lifting for Muscle Growth
Targeted Hypertrophy Training
Teen Bodybuilding Tips
The Adonis Ratio
The Basics of Weight Training for Women
The Non-Secret to Great Abs
The PSYCHO Trainer Method of getting HUGE
The Truth About Pro Bodybuilding
Time Under Tension
Top 5 Fitness Goals
Top 10 Bodybuilding Books
Training with Weights for Beginners
Upper Back Exercises
Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels
Weight Training E-Books
Weight Training Exercise Benefits
Weight Training Guidelines
Weight Training Health Wellness Benefits
Weight Training Improve Your Muscular Fitness
Weight Training Motivation
Weight Training Myths
Weight Training Rules of Safety and Etiquette
Weight Training Tips
Weight Training Tips for Women
What are the Best Weight Training Motivation Videos
What Can Strength Training Do For You
What Equipment Is Needed For Bodybuilding
What is the Best Professional Weight Lifting Equipment
What's it Like to Have Sex with a Female Bodybuilder
What Weight Lifting Equipment Do I Need
Win a Free Bodybulding T-Shirt
Why Do Bodybuilders Have Distended Stomachs
Women's Bodybuilding

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