Upper Back Exercises

Upper back exercises are the key to having a strong and great looking toned back. Your back supports the weight of your upper body so having a strong back is essential to feeling and looking fantastic while minimizing the risk of pain or injury. Most people just focus on lower back exercises; however the upper back is just as important and needs strengthening and toning too. A well toned back helps maintain good posture which helps you to stay looking great.

For a better healthier back why not try some of the best back exercises around. Start today to get the body you want and deserve! You owe it to yourself...

Barbell Overhead Pulls

This exercise gives a great upper body workout. It works the pectorals major and minor (chest) muscles, the latissimus dori (mid and lower back), and the teres major (below shoulder blade) and rhomboid (upper back) muscles. This exercise is great to improve swimming, rowing and hammering.

1) Lie flat on a bench with your feet on the floor either side. With your palms towards your feet, lift the barbell above your chest until your arms are perpendicular (at right angles) to the floor. Make sure to keep your elbows unlocked and slightly bent.

2) Slowly lower the barbell behind your head. Move in a semicircular motion until your arms and parallel to the bench or lower. Hold for a second and then slowly pull the barbell back over your head to the starting position.

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Upright Row

As the name suggests this exercise works the same muscled which are used when rowing a boat. The front deltoid (shoulder) and trapezius (upper back and neck) muscles as well as the chest and forearm muscles.

1) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Using a narrow over hand grip hold the bell bar with your arms extended downwards. The bar should be resting on your upper thighs. Lean forwards at your waist and allow your shoulders to drop forward slightly just a bit, but making sure your back is kept straight.

2) Keeping the bar close to you slowly lift it until it is the height of your collarbone. You elbows should point outwards and above the barbell. Hold for a second and then lower slowly back to the starting position.

Top Tips

I hope these upper back exercises help you just remember to weight train safely and to warm up and stretch before starting any exercises.

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