Bodybuilding Motivation Tips

Bodybuilding is a tough sport requiring dedication, discipline and motivation. If you are a bodybuilder you simply cannot get too much motivation, the secret to stay with the iron game is to find something that keeps you motivated. Whatever works for you, from some guy telling you that you're a weakling, to your girlfriend wanting more muscles on you.

Whatever the reason that motivated you to get to gym the first time is usually a key to the reason why you will stay motivated. There are countless reasons why someone decides to pump iron every day. Whether that lands up as serious bodybuilding is dependent on your motivation.

It could be something small like changing your source of protein or the way that you prepare it. The small bits of information on you and your training that gets added to profile every day is the best source of inspiration. From how you stretch before training to the type of music you listen to when you train can all make a big difference.

Below are just a few of the endless bodybuilding motivation tips you can use ranging from music to coffee.

Make your setbacks a glitch and not a ditch

Keep a training journal

Find a training partner

Try a new pre-workout supplement

Set very specific workout goals

Try just one new variation of an exercise on each workout

When training try to imagine you are competing as a rival

Reward yourself for a great workout and a job well done

Take a week off for recovery

Train to be healthy

Watch motivation videos

Find a mentor

Try a new training routine every 8 weeks

Always compare yourself with other bodybuilders

Train for fun knowing that the rewards are inevitable

Read the book Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard

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