What Weight Lifting Equipment Do I Need

The question above seems to suggest that you are not training at a gym where there is surely the required equipment you will need to get the results you seek. This means you are setting up at home or in your garage and you would like to know what the minimum requirement is.

Obviously it is going to depend on your specific objective when lifting weights. However we will assume that your objective when lifting weights on a regular basis is to increase the lean body mass you currently hold on your frame. If your objective is muscle gain then you need to gain strength.

Increasing core strength comes from doing the Big Four compound lifts that use more than one body-part at a time. Squats, deadlifts, bench-press and military press will be all you need to do to increase strength which over time is guaranteed to increase the amount of muscle you currently hold.

It is strongly suggested that you also purchase a pull-up bar or chinning bar that you could put into a doorway in your house. The list of equipment needed is also going to depend on your budget so we will list the minimum requirement to start with, if you have extra money dumbbells are always a good idea.

A barbell with weights that easily fit with a collar on the bar is the minimum requirement, as you can not only do the basic compound movements but you can do isolation movements like barbell curls or lying triceps extensions. If you have any extra money a squat rack is certainly a good idea as it will help a lot when you start to get strong and need to push yourself a bit farther.

If you have never trained before the first thing you need to do is find someone who will teach you the correct training form. If you do not do this the potential for training incorrectly is very high. It may be a good idea to join a gym for a month so you can learn from an instructor who is qualified to teach form.

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