Best Compound Exercises for Muscle Mass

Whether you have just started weight training or you have been training for years, doing compound lifts is without a doubt the best way to increase core strength. The stronger you are the more muscle you will have, but always be aware of diminishing returns as the more muscle you have the more intense you need to train.

Below is a brief description of the big four compound movements, there are many others but these four are considered the basics that need to be mastered before you can call yourself a bodybuilder. The specifics on how to perform the movement correctly is not explained.

Legs and core strength - Squat

The king of all movements, demanding total body concentration using multiple joints, this compound movement is also a powerlifting movement, it is also used in strength development on all sports by most coaches. From endurance and fitness to strength and explosive power, the squat can be used to achieve both.

Chest and triceps - Bench-press

Also a powerlifting movement it puts stress on all the upper body muscles, from the rhomboids at the back to the pecs and delts in the front. The bench-press is a good test of upper body strength. Can be used very effectively in circuit training to improve endurance and burn calories, or it can be used to build muscle.

Deltoids - Shoulder Press

Military press, dumbbell press, behind neck press there are countless names for the same movement but the focus is on deltoid strength and development. All the upper body muscles are used to support any weight above your head however the focus is specifically on the medial deltoid in any overhead press.

Back and hamstrings - Deadlift

Also a powerlifting movement the deadlift, just like the squat uses multiple joints and the perfect movement for power development, the deadlift can be used for the improvement of explosive strength in short distance athletes. But deadlifts can be used for improving endurance by doing high reps to increasing core strength with heavy weights.

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