Dead Stop Reps Weight Lifting

If you are the type of person who likes to use heavy weights that bounce off your chest, then you should know that you are using your strength reflex to lift that heavy weight and not calling on all your muscle fibers. Dead stop reps put a stop to any bounce type training.

There are basically three different types of dead stop training alternatives to choose from which we will describe below:

METHOD 1: The Pin-Press and the Floor-Press

If you have access to a power-rack, you need to place the pins so that you just need to perform a quick concentric bench-press shifting he barbell about 6 inches above your chest. The floor-press is done the same way but the bench has been removed.

Although you will be doing low reps of 5 or less, you will still need to lighten the load because you are lifting a weight that you need to pause at the bottom before you press the barbell upwards as fast as you can. The explosive motion on the press should only use concentric contractions to perform the movement. Lower the barbell back down on the pins and prepare for the next rep.

Force increases strength and force is measured scientifically as Force = Mass x Acceleration, that we can now use practically to get results. The two key ingredients for generating a force: your nervous system (CNS) and the motor units activated to perform the movement.

The lighter the weight that you lift the less motor units will be fired at the same time. To train your CNS to stimulate more motor units when doing any movement, you need to increase both the weight and the speed that you lift the weight with doing dead stop reps.

METHOD 2: Box Squats

The box used on a box-squat needs to be suited to your length which means that when you sit on the box your thighs will be parallel to the floor at the bottom of the squat. When you bring the weight and your bum down to sit on the box you need to hold that sitting position for a few seconds, then releasing all your stored energy burst as explosively as possible to the top of the squat.

METHOD 3: Deadlifts

Deadlifts are done with the accent on stopping dead when the weight hits the floor. You need to stop and take a few seconds to re-adjust the grip you're using, adjust your stance or the angle of your back and then pull. Don't use a weight that is too heavy, your CNS works better and you’ll get much faster gains if strict form is adhered to.

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