Cheat Reps Bodybuilding

Cheat reps have been used by bodybuilders for a long time for a good reason. They can also be called cheat-centric reps because on some movements you are simply using other prime movers to help lift the weight concentrically. But first the key principal of cheat reps.

The principle of cheat reps is performed after the targeted agonists has been completely exhausted using very strict control and done with good form. Cheat reps use of non-prime movers to help lift a heavy weight for a few more repetitions. This will increase the intensity as well as the volume to increase gains in muscle size.

For example, you have done sets of heavy barbell curls and you are on your final set. You have increased the weight you were curling every set and now you want to do your last set for 8 reps. Using perfect form, you control the weight but suddenly start to fail when you get to the 7th rep, what do you do?

You can cheat the last 2 reps out by bending your knees and then using your hips you can curl the weight back up to the start position. Depending on how much you have left in you one can usually do another 3 to 5 reps doing cheat reps. If you find yourself wanting to cheat at the end of the first set, then you have selected a weight too heavy.

If you start to cheat too early on any set, then the weight is too heavy. The experts tell us that we should never cheat more than 5 reps at a time. The targeted prime mover needs to be totally exhausted before you start using cheat reps.

Cheat-centric movements or training eccentrically after the prime mover has reached failure is very effective when applied to these four movements listed below. Please note that each movement relies on other major muscle groups to help lift the weight concentrically to enable the eccentric action where you will be 60% stronger.

EXERCISE 1: Standing D/B or B/B overhead press

When failure is reached then do a push press using your legs to help push the weight overhead. When the weight is where you want it to be you can the lower the weight eccentrically for 4 to 6 seconds.

EXERCISE 2: Pull-ups or chin-ups

Using a spotter to lift your crossed ankles behind you or kicking your legs and twisting to get your chin over the bar. When you get to the top of the movement, you then slowly lower your body eccentrically for 5 to 8 seconds.

EXERCISE 3: Front lateral raises

You can use the same method you used to cheat the weight up as you used when doing the overhead press. Bending your knees and using momentum try to lift the weight before the long slow eccentric movement for 4 to 6 seconds.

EXERCISE 4: Biceps curls

Without bending your lower-back you can cheat the barbell or dumbbells up by using your hip flexion and your legs. The objective is to avoid putting any undue stress on the spine.

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