Weight Training Myths and Misconceptions

When selecting from the countless misconceptions or training myths that have permeated the weight training and bodybuilding world for years, it is difficult to select which myth is most commonly misunderstood. We have decided to keep it simple and have selected myths or misconceptions that you may or may not have heard previously.

Myth: # 1 The ONLY way to gain muscle is to lift heavy weights.

Although this used to be the truth 30 years ago sports science has studied this and shown us conclusive proof that lifting a light weight for many reps is just as effective at building muscle as heavy lifting. The key to gaining stretch and muscle is lifting till the point of fatigue, which is why body-weight movements can just as easily be done with the same results.

Myth: # 2 Weight-training will cause high blood pressure.

For many years this myth circulated amongst the population, whether they were exercising or not. But the exact opposite has now been conclusively proven. Sports science has proven to us that training with weights on a regular basis lowers the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The American Heart Association have now endorsed training with weights saying that it only needs to be done 2 or 3 times a week to see results.

Myth: # 3 Weight training will decrease flexibility.

The same as above, training with weights on a regular basis will have the opposite effect. This was conclusively proven in a study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research where they discovered any and all resistance training will actually improve flexibility, including all static stretching. This assumes that the person is training correctly working with a full range of motion.

Myth: # 4 Machines will be more effective than training with free weights.

This myth, just like is others above is simply not true. When you train with machines they isolate the muscles being worked, forcing your body to only move in a single plane and limiting full range of motion. In various studies, training with free weights has shown to recruit more muscle fibers, allow full range of motion and get better results. One study showed that when doing squats compared to machine leg press 43% more muscle fibers were recruited.

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