Keys to Bodybuilding and Fitness Success

Although many strength coaches will tell you there is a big difference between fitness and bodybuilding everyone one seems to understand the term fitness differently. If your objective is to gain muscle and lose fat then you need to be specific about your objective and write it down somewhere.

If you're personal definition of fitness is losing 10 pounds of fat and replacing it with 10 pounds of muscle, you should write it down in your training diary together with a few key pointers on what your own specific motivation is. This is your ultimate objective, or it could be separated into short term objectives.

Determination is the key to success in any endeavor you take on. If we stick to the objective stated above of losing 10 pounds of fat and replacing it with muscle then you should list a few reasons why you want to do this. From trying to impress a girl or guy to improving your health, you need to define the reason why you are training in order to activate visualization techniques.

Once you have the determination to succeed at your specific goal you then need to commit yourself to this 100%. You can be sure there will be problems getting to train every day or every other day, but you need to make sure that you are totally committed to this task, otherwise you will fail and feel even worse.

When you have settled the issue with commitment and failure is simply not an option then you will be ready for planning exactly how you are going to achieve your objective. The experts agree that you should break your ultimate objective down to manageable short term objectives.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail so you need to take some time alone and ask yourself the following questions. When and where will you exercise? How long will you train for? When will you eat and where will you buy the produce, how will it be prepared? How much food do you need to purchase and what type of foods? What movements will you train each day? Plan your workouts with sets and reps as well as tempo and intensity and your routine should be changed every 6 to 8 weeks.

When will you make some me time and family time? Consistency is the key to success which comes from setting up a routine you can stick to. No-one said it was easy but the better you plan ahead the less time you will need to sort out the problems that will get in your way. Without an unrelenting determination to succeed you will not reach your objective.

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