What's it Like to Have Sex with a Female Bodybuilder

Female Bodybuilder Sex

It is necessary to separate a female bodybuilder that might compete once a year because she trains with weights and the competitive professional female bodybuilder. The reason why it's important is because elite female bodybuilders will take steroids, which changes everything.

Obviously there are a wide range of different steroids a female can take but the bottom line is that they'll have more testosterone floating around, making them sexually a lot more aggressive than they used to be. But sexual aggression comes with a few physical changes that happen as well.

For example, their clitoris gets larger and suddenly they can reach orgasm quickly because any sexual stimulation quickly engorges their larger clitoris making her ready for sexual action a lot faster than normal. For men reading this article that does NOT mean that a female bodybuilder taking steroids wants to have sex all the time, it just means she's better at it.

Just like their male counterparts female bodybuilders concern themselves with their nutrition and training, never approach a female bodybuilder when she's training and never violate any of her personal space around her like touching her muscles without permission.

Competitive female bodybuilders are usually confident women who have no concern for going against societal norms, if you date a female bodybuilder don't be disappointed when you get negative or positive comments about her obvious muscularity.

Competitive female bodybuilders are said to be better in bed than a normal female, obviously this will depend on the female body-builders mindset. A female bodybuilder often has to deal with judgment and non-acceptance; if you with a confident female bodybuilder you need to be open minded and willing to travel down the road less traveled.

Female bodybuilders that have been interviewed specifically asking about dating men, explain that they understand a man's need to watch or compete in sport more than the normal woman does. They explain that they are much more emotionally balanced because of the discipline and routine of training.

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