Weight Training Health Wellness Benefits

We all know that with regular weight training and some good nutrition we can change the shape of our bodies. Although the use of weight training gets results many of us are completely unaware of the enormous health benefits training with weights can give you.

Not only will strength training or weight training help you get rid of excess fat but it will help to keep it off. Sustainability is key as anyone can go on a crash diet and lose fat, the problem is keeping it off which comes from a lifestyle change initiated by training with weights.

Specific research done on this subject conclusively shows us that people who train three times a week will burn more calories doing normal every day activities than people who don't train with weights. This is why fat loss is sustainable with weight training.

Strength training or weight training on a regular basis will protect your bone health as well as muscle mass. After puberty men and women lose 1% of bone mass and muscle mass every year thereafter. Troy Tuttle MS from the University of Texas Medical School tells us that this process can be reversed with weight training.

Strength training or weight training on a regular basis will make you fitter and stronger. The two major types of resistance training are isometric resistance and isotonic resistance and both will get you in better condition than you are now. It is important to perform movements correctly and always do warm-ups before training to avoid injury.

Strength training or weight training will help you develop general body mechanics and body awareness. Coordination, posture and balance will improve in a measurable way. Poor flexibility will also change from weight training as you move the weights in full range. Research tells us that weight training will reduce the risk of falling down by 40%.

Strength training and weight training will help in disease prevention. There are many studies that clearly show diseases like arthritis and post-menopausal women are able to increase bone density reducing the risk of bone fractures by up to 60%.

With over 14 million American diabetics the USA clearly needs more diabetics to do strength training which clearly shows to improve glucose control in the long term as well as boosting energy levels that also improves general mood. This comes from the elevation of endorphins which are natural opiates produced in the brain that will make you feel good and improve your mood and quality of life.

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