Women's Bodybuilding: 8 Reasons To Lift Heavy To Be Beautiful!

This article is for Women's Bodybuilding, and especially to those who are afraid of putting weights on the bars. Why are you afraid? Go ahead, load bars if you want to achieve your goals faster, do not hesitate!

To progress, men should seek to lift heavy, why women should not do the same?

Why is it that most of the time, women are afraid of loaded bars, and why is it that most gym coaches advise them to do body pump instead of a good squat session and slots?

These are the questions that we will try to answer in this article.

You want results? Lift some weight!

In Women's bodybuilding, as you probably know, no progress, no improvement can be achieved without effort. And therefore, light loads are not paying excessively and won't change your body.

In women's bodybuilding, To force your body to make your muscles grow, you must get out of your comfort zone and impose change. And this requires the use of sufficiently heavy loads.

If you stir the air with low weights, your body will have absolutely no reason to change, and your muscles will have absolutely no reason to develop or tone up.

To give them a reason, you must use heavy weights and perform strength training seriously, like a man. This is the only solution!

You want to lose fat? Load your bar!

If you want to lose weight, and you think that doing hundreds of repetitions with ridiculous loads you will burn more calories, you're wrong.

Not only does this allow you to spend enough calories, but in addition, it will not increase your metabolism.

Conversely,in women's bodybuilding, with heavy loads, you will increase your metabolism during the workout, and more, thanks to the effect of boost that your body will carry up, for several hours after your workout your organism will continue to burn more calories. This is a double winner!

You want to be beautiful? Try Women's Bodybuilding!

Of course, it is quite possible to lose fat without doing sport, and quite possible to lose weight without reshaping the silhouette.

But ultimately, it will give what? A skinny woman but without any form.

There is a phrase that says "The skinny girls are beautiful when they are dressed, and sporty ones are beautiful when they are naked!"

This is summarized here.

Being skinny is useless, the goal is to improve the overall appearance of your body, and for this you need to have shapes where it's necessary, and with an athletic silhouette.

And for that, the best way is a good practice of women's bodybuilding.

The heavy bars are scary!

Then after, it is true that when you have never used a "heavy" bar, it can be scary.

But beware, I do not speak here about directly load of 50 kg bench press or 100 kg squat.

You simply need to use enough weight, which means weight that let you do 8 to 20 repetitions.

It is not breaking records of strength, it is not possible to take the heaviest bars, but take bars that are just hard enough to get you to force, and to make sufficiently intense exercises.

So yes, once again, when you have never lifted a heavy bar it is going to look abviously scary, but you have to know that your body is made for it, it will go well!

True exercises, are tiring!

Fatigue and potentially the aches that are caused by real women bodybuilding exercises are also quite frequent.

It is clear that compared to a body pump training or any other group training, a real workout session is much more exhausting, more challenging for the body.

With that being said, the body will need greater recovery, but it also means it is much more effective to sculpt your silhouette.

The heavy bars will not distort you!

And do not be afraid, it is not because you are going to use heavier loads that will automatically turn you into a man or distort your silhouette.

I men or women, Muscle gain is a very slow process, it takes several months to see the first major results, and several years to become really muscular.

When you're a man, it is already extremely difficult to successfully gain muscle, while our body is predisposed to it.

In women's bodybuilding, it is even longer: the body is not susceptible, hormonal environment is not the best for muscle growth, so progress is slower. So no worries, you're not going to distort your body while raising real loads during your workouts.

Increasing strength is good for the moral!

We have always known that exercise has a positive impact on moral.

But in the context of women's bodybuilding, there is also another aspect that must be taken into account: increasing your physical strength, will also significantly improve your confidence and make you feel more sure of yourself, because you're more powerful.

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Lifting is good for your health!

In addition to the benefits listed above, we also know that training with additional charge can have several health benefits, such as improving bone density (which will be particularly important for postmenopausal women) but also a strengthening of joints, reduced stress and a reduced risk of diabetes.

Clearly, this will help you live healthier!

How to know if your weight is heavy enough?

We said from the beginning of this article, in women bodybuilding, you must not be afraid to lift heavy.

But heavy, what does that mean? In short, this is a weight that allows you to do 8 to 20 repetitions as we said above.

And to define the weight, there are several methods of theoretical calculation, but this remains only theory, and in addition, most of these techniques involve making "max." This means that you would be required to test your maximum strength on most exercises to set the weight to use.

This is not the most accurate method, plus it is a method that can increase the risk of injury.

So the easiest way is simply to use the heaviest weight possible, allowing you to make the number of repetitions and the number of sets provided with perfect technique. You need to make sure that the last repetition of your last set is actually the last one you have the ability to do. If you feel that you could have done another set or 2 or 3 more reps, it means that your workload was too light.

To successfully find out what weight is better for you, it will require the first workout sessions for testing, but it is not a problem anyway, at first,in women's bodybuilding, it is necessary to start slowly just so the body get used and to perform the exercises the right way.

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