Tips for Natural Bodybuilding

Building muscle naturally without taking steroids can be confusing for anyone reading the countless techniques and methods used by people who swear that results are guaranteed. If you are thinking of training to add muscle then the first step is to start, without starting nothing will happen and that is guaranteed.

The following tips listed below will help you get the results that you are looking for. Everything comes from consistency, training once a week to gain muscle is a waste of time, you need to train at least three times a week and adjust your eating and sleeping time as well to see results.

Always increase the weight lifted

Even if the weight you are pushing only increases by one or two pounds a week, increasing and building muscle is about progressive overload. It is only when you find yourself unable to increase the weight lifted that you should consider other fancy techniques like drop sets, forced reps, rest-pause training, etc.

Train for less than an hour

Sports science has now proven to us that high intensity training for less than 60 minutes at a time will get the best results for muscle gain. Don't fall into the habit of dragging your workouts out so that you can lift a heavier weight. High intensity and pushing hard to the max for 45 minutes gets the best results.

Only go one rep short of failure

High intensity training does not mean that every set should be taken to failure or even beyond failure. The central nervous system (CNS) is simply not able to maintain that sort of intensity and will leave you weak and unable to consistently increase the weights lifted. Train sensibly, using your weight selection to fail 1 or 2 reps after you complete the set, not before the set is completed.

Concentrate on compound movements

If you are only training for 45 minutes then you don't have time to spend doing 10 sets of bicep curls. Training more than two body-parts at a time using compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench-press and military press have proven themselves to get the best results.

Eat before and after all workouts

If you do not eat before a workout you will not get results. You need carbohydrates to help you get through any high intensity workout and you need the protein to help repair the damage you have done when you have completed your workout. If you want to relax on eating planned meals then do it with any other meal but not the two most important of your day when training to build muscle.

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