Three Most Important Muscle Building Tips

You have probably heard a ton of different ways to build up muscle, boost metabolism, or cut down fat. However, many of the suggestions provided either don't work, promote unsafe rates of weight loss or muscle building, or are too impractical to put into practice.

By remembering these three simple and useful tips, you can be sure to get the most comprehensive and effective muscle gain possible.

Change Your Focus

Plateaus are the biggest obstacle for anyone looking to build muscle. As your body gets used to lifting more and working out, it becomes much harder to keep the same rate of fat loss and muscle gain.

If you work the same muscles over and over, it can also impede your body's ability to build them back up. Muscles grow because they are broken down as you lift weights, and the scar tissue created as your body repairs them makes them bigger.

By continually breaking down the same muscles, you prevent adequate repair and can have a very hard time building muscle.

In order to keep the best muscle gain possible, try switching up muscles that you work every day. You could set aside Mondays for shoulders or back, Tuesdays for abs, Wednesdays for legs, and so forth.

Focusing on different areas of muscle every day can keep you building muscle more quickly and avoid plateaus, giving you better success sooner.

Supplement Wisely

Supplementing protein or hormones like testosterone and HGH have been linked to helping with muscle growth.

However, many supplements will add either ineffective ingredients or good ingredients in the wrong amounts. In the case of hormone supplements, many products will include different types of either synthetic or natural ingredients.

There are pros and cons to each type of supplementation, but each person will react to them differently. Testosterone supplements can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate, but HGH supplements are those that are mostly still in trial and error stages.

Some companies have come up with testosterone booster formulas that seem to work but it is best to read more info on the best testosterone booster supplements before diving in.

Protein supplements are good for providing enough material for amino acids to build muscle, but you should look for supplements that have between 24 and 26 grams, as anything outside that range will either be too much or too little.

Eat Well

According to an article on, the proper ratio of carbs to fats and proteins is 3:1:1.

This means that for however many calories you eat per day, 60% should be carbohydrates, 20% should be protein, and 20% should be unsaturated fats.

A ratio like this is perfect for those that are not trying to build muscle, but if you wish to have faster muscle build, it is best to bring up the amount of protein you have in your diet. This would make the ratio closer to 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat to start.

Some research suggests hat you can get up to 50% protein and lower your carbs, but it is important to continue to stay energized, so it is best not to go any higher than that with the protein/carb ratio.

Though supplements can provide you with good amounts of protein or aid in the transformation of protein to muscle, the best way to get complex and natural proteins is through eating lean meats, beans, and other high-protein foods.

By combining these proteins with whole grains and unsaturated fats, you can slim down healthily and quickly as you build muscle.

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