How To Grow Muscle While You Sleep

If you are a bodybuilder who trains regular then you need testosterone and the only way to get all the testosterone needed to repair muscle is to sleep uninterrupted for at least 7 hours every night. 70% of your total daily testosterone is released while sleeping.

While sleeping the body is able to speed up protein synthesis in the body-parts most needing repair. Studies have been done that clearly show muscle repair happens were it is needed most.

The researchers showed that the most recently trained body-part gets the most protein synthesis activity compared to other muscle repair needed by the body. But generally muscle repair needs to be complete after 48 hours, so if you are getting enough sleep while training hard you will see the difference.

There is always a very delicate balance between anabolism (protein synthesis) and catabolism (breaking down muscle). Both these processes continue at the same time dictating whether you gain muscle or lose muscle after a hard workout.

The problem is while you are busy sleeping and not eating what happens when your body runs out of the nutrients required to continue building muscle? Sleep comes in 5 different stages which we will not go into detail explaining but simply say that REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is the most productive for muscle growth.

The delicate balance between anabolism and catabolism unfortunately usually results in what scientists call post-absorptive muscle catabolism, which happens when we run out of the required protein to continue with the protein synthesis needed to build muscle.

One can make a shake with casein protein before bed, using a fast digesting protein like whey is not a good idea before sleep. Eating fatty acids can help slow down protein synthesis, but for best results in continued muscle growth while sleeping is 5 grams creatine, glutamine and Amino Acids will get the best results.

The first step is to ensure that you get uninterrupted sleep for at least 7 hours, if you are training with weights on a regular basis. The second step is to increase the use of fatty acids and the third step is to drink water, cell hydration (volumizing) shows to increase protein synthesis.

The muscle building industry has clearly seen a need for a product that could be taken before sleep that takes care of this problem. Over the years the quality of the product gets better and Nitrobol is one that offers the best combination suited to increase the amount of amino acids avialable for protein synthesis as well as increasing fat oxidation while sleeping.

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