How to Build Your Own Fitness Equipment

Try these step by step plans for building fitness equipment.

Building your own fitness equipment would start with the most useful piece of equipment needed for training your upper and lower body. Whether you have set-up a chinning bar somewhere in your garage or you have put a pull-up bar in a doorway, you will also need a bench.

Even if you have not purchased dumbells or kettlebells you can still get a good workout with just a bench. We will be concentrating on how to build a bench that you can use for both your upper body as well as your lower body workout when working out at home.

Before you start here is what you will need to get it done; 2 X Planks or wooden boards 5.5” X 1.5” plus six boards measuring 2 X 4, a measuring tape, drywall screws and a handsaw. You can now build a solid bench that can be specifically measured to suit your own body.

Using the tape measure write down the length from your buttocks to your head which is exactly how long you want the top of the bench to be. You now cut the 5.5 X 1.5 boards to suit your own body length. It is these 2 surface boards that will be the surface of the wooden bench you’re building.

Now you cut the 2 X 4 beams you have into 10 inch lengths using the handsaw. You then attach the 2 surface beams to these 10 inch lengths using the drywall screws. These legs should be attached about 3 inches from the end of the surface board, and then repeat on the other end.

You now need to strengthen your bench which can easily be done using the last two 10 inch lengths you have cut. Attach these 10 inch pieces directly across the two legs you have created on either side of the bench using the drywall screws you have purchased.

You now have a solid bench that should easily take your full body-weight. Even if you use bricks held in your hand just standing up on the bench and stepping down is a good leg workout. One can even use bricks in your hands to work upper body when you have a solid bench, the choices of movements you can do are endless.

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