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Weight training is a type of strength training that uses weights for resistance. Weight training challenges your muscles by forcing them to adapt to the stress of the weights. Theories on the best way to approach weight training abound, including countless repetitions and hours at the gym. But research shows that a single set of 12 repetitions with the proper weight can build muscle just as efficiently as can three sets of the same exercise.

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The Pumping Station is the premier equipment superstore site on the Internet for equipment & fitness related products. We carry a wide variety of new or used treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, upright and recumbent bikes, spinner bikes, stair climbers, home gyms, Olympic free weight benches, dumbbells and Olympic plates, yoga and pilates equipment.

Top Quality home gyms, treadmills, free weights, benches, commercial gym equipment, and much more!

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Welcome to the Pumping Station store. Here you will find a great selection of machines, Home Gyms and Free weight Equipment. Our Equipment is the #1 equipment line in America. Think Big!

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We offer only premium gym equipment. When investing in Home Gyms and Gym Equipment, you want a model that will achieve your fitness goals and not cost a fortune.

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Discount Commercial Weight Lifting Equipment Store

Welcome to The Pumping Station Discount Weight Lifting Equipment Store. Here you will find home gyms and commercial weight lifting equipment at very affordable prices. We have partnered with "The Bench Press" Equipment Online Outfitters to provide fast service, and superior customer service. Be sure to take a look at some new equipment from name brands including BodySolid, Powertec, StarTrac and PowerBloc. From home gyms to dumbbells and treadmills we've got it all

Best Fitness Equipment for 2007 Best Home Gyms and Best Commercial Gyms

Powertec WB-MS Workbench Multi-Station
Powertec WB-MS Workbench Multi-Station

Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym Two Stack Gym
Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym Two Stack Gym

Powertec WB-BRS6 Workbench Rack System
Powertec WB-BRS6 Workbench Rack System

Titan T1 Ultimate Strength System
Titan T1 Ultimate Strength System

Powertec WB-LS-S Workout Leverage Gym
Powertec WB-LS-S Workout Leverage Gym

Body Solid SBL460p4 Powerlift Leverage Gym
Body Solid SBL460p4 Powerlift Leverage Gym

Weightlifting Equipment - Home Gyms - Bodybuilding Equipment - Exercise Equipment - Fitness Equipment

The Pumping Station superstore will provide you with the best variety of quality equipment at the best prices on the internet, so you donít have to spend hours searching for better prices! Our goal is to be your single source and one stop shop for treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise & spinner bikes, home gyms for your home or office. 

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