The Truth About Pro Bodybuilding

The truth about pro bodybuilders is probably exactly what you think it is, they are full of steroids. It is unfortunate that the top professional bodybuilders who have millions of fans all over the world are taking steroids. It was plainly evident in 1984 when the perfectly proportioned Bob Paris placed 7th when he should have won.

How and when bodybuilding moved from aesthetically pleasing perfection to just gross muscle size was actually a gradual process until the 1980ís. When Bob Paris walked onstage at the 1982 NPC USA and took honors the public thought that Steve Reeves aesthetics had returned and bodybuilding might change.

But it never happened as we see massively muscled bodybuilders like Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman, the truth of the current professional bodybuilders is plain to see, without size you will not place. The size has to be out of proportion which is extremely unfortunate and has changed bodybuilding forever.

The prefect proportions of Steve Reeves, Bob Paris and few others over the years have been ignored. The best example is Lee Haney standing onstage at the 1984 Mr. Olympia when Bob's perfect proportions, ripped to shreds got him 7th place losing to more muscle seen on higher placed Albert Beckles and Lee Haney.

With no steroid testing at any of the IFBB competitions this is only going to get worse as bodybuilding places muscle size above balance, symmetry and proportion. All the photographs seen in any muscle magazine are all taken during October and November when the big competitions like Mr. O happen.

There is simply too much money involved in bodybuilding with the supplements being pushed onto the general public who want to look like their bodybuilding heroes. The supplement industry in the USA is well over 60 billion dollars making the pressure to perform even worse.

Somehow the public seems to constantly be fooled into spending a fortune on supplements, which more than likely will not get the results promised. What it certainly is unable to do is compete with the steroids that the hero who is advertising the supplement is using.

From taking protein powder 5 times a day to BCAA's, Creatine and many other fancy new supplements that the advertisers tell you the latest Mr. Olympia winner simply cannot do without. What he probably could not do without is his steroid dose he takes so religiously to get so much muscle.

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