Are Some Natural Bodybuilders Really Natural?

Fake Natty?
Is this body just from great genetics and hard work?

Some so called natural bodybuilders and really fake naturals, meaning they are taking small amounts of anabolic steroids yet still claiming to be natural.

The internet has continued to polarize the bodybuilding world between competitors that use steroids and those who don't and never will. Obviously genetics plays an important role in how good a bodybuilder looks onstage when posing down for top place in a competition.

The expression "natty or not" is now a very common question no matter what "natural" competition you might go to. Bodybuilding competitions are still a very subjective in placing that depends on a number of factors. Unfortunately these factors do not include your work ethic or the fact that you have been training hard 6 days a week for 4 or 14 years, or that you have a good mind-muscle connection.

Getting all swole and shredded, whether you use drugs or not depends on your genetic predisposition before you start. No matter how many drugs you take and how hard you train, you simply can't beat Mother Nature. Anabolic steroids could be looked at by a competitor as a cheat drug or just a helping hand in achieving a specific goal, bodybuilding seems to be split into two camps.

The "natty or not" question has been asked by competitive and non-competitive bodybuilders for decades and it is certainly not a new argument. The "natty's" believe that taking anabolic steroids of any description is simply not worth the risk, but the non-natural competitive bodybuilders say steroids only help a bit, to get results hard, disciplined workouts are still required.

The "natty or not" question is exacerbated into a heated debate in most bodybuilding circles these days talking about successful bodybuilders winning natural bodybuilding titles looking massive and shredded. Bodybuilders are asking questions about the type of testing done at natural competitions, the debate continues.

The world fitness industry is now worth billions and you're able build a name up for yourself so that you can prove you're an authority you'll quickly gain the attention, the respect, and the required sponsors to get a large following. But bodybuilding is a tough sport and it'll take you 5 to 10 years of strict dieting, hard training, and to constantly change your workout routine as well as your rep ranges to "shock" the targeted muscles into growth, according to the many online coaches, Utube fitness icons and meal plan creators.

The "natty or not" question is cropping up more and more often because of a break in the ethics of bodybuilding when "100% Natural" bodybuilders claim to offer the "secret" formula if you buy their bullshit diet and workout routine and their generic but privately labeled supplements.

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