Bodybuilding for Beginners Tips

When you start weight training for the first time the best tip anyone can give to you is take it easy on your first workout. Your muscles will be sore for 48 hours after your first workout no matter what weights you lift. But if you try and lift a weight that is too heavy for you on your first workout you will be very sore and may injure yourself.

Gaining muscle is a long-term endeavor, you will not gain muscles in a week or two. Muscles are built out of habit because the muscle grows to accommodate the resistance it has to put up with every other day. Progressive resistance comes from increasing the resistance you lift over time.

When starting out for your first six months you need to consider quite a few things, so we have put them in point form so that it is easy to reference when you might feel at a loss. The beginner tips listed below are in no specific order but some are more important than others.

Know what perfect form is on every exercise

Focus on perfecting the big four: bench-press, squats, deadlifts and military press

Train sets with 8 to 12 reps

Take a full 48 hours between workouts

Never forget to stretch before, during and after the workout

Never forget your post workout meal eaten with 90 minutes after training

Combine machine movements with free weights

Train cardio after your workouts not before

Plan your days meals ahead of time before you leave home

Make your training a habit and not a chore

Always lift your weights in a controlled manner never using momentum

Be aware of posture all the time, it improves results

Squeeze the weight always looking for peak contraction

Keep a training journal so that you can learn from your mistakes

Complete every rep you do

Think about the muscle you are training

Always ask advice and speak to a personal trainer to watch your form

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