Are There Really 400 lb Bodybuilders?

A 400lb bodybuilder is not as completely unheard of as it used to be. Since the late 1980's professional bodybuilders seem to be getting heavier and heavier. There are now a lot more 400lbs bodybuilders around than there used to be. We have listed only 5 below but there are many more.

It needs to be added that some of the five names listed below are bodybuilders whose off-season weight may be well over 400lbs but they actually land up competing at slightly less than 400lbs. However, the list below includes some professional bodybuilders that actually stand onstage ripped to shreds with a bodyweight of over 400lbs.

We have not included our great 8 time Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman who often goes over 400lbs in the off-season, but Ronnie usually competes at around 300lbs and not 400lbs so we have deliberately excluded him from the list below.

#1: Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith Bodybuilder

The top of the list needs to go to Trevor Smith who is not only a 4th degree in black belt karate and the founder of Nuclear Nutrition, but Trevor has competed more than once as a bodybuilder weighing in at 415lbs.

#2: Markus Ruhl

Markus Ruhl Off Season

Markus Ruhl is one of those bodybuilders who started training because of a sports injury. Training his huge body 6 days a week he grew his chest to 60" and competed with 24" arms that were ripped to shreds, Markus is a worthy member of the top 400lb bodybuilders.

#3: Noah Steere

Noah Steere Bodybuilder

Noah Steere is one of those freaks of nature that stands onstage full of muscle at 6'6?, towering over his competition, he competes at around 420lbs.

#4: Greg Kovacs

Greg Kovacs Bodybuilder

Greg Kovacs is the last bodybuilder we mention that competes at over 400lbs, he stands 6'4" tall and when he stands onstage with his 70" chest and 25.5" arms he looks like a freak of nature, but full of muscle.

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