One and a Half Rep Method

A good bodybuilder is always looking to take his/her workout routine a step farther. To push himself or herself just that little step farther by doing what has commercially been called The Power Training Principals, one of which is the one and half rep method.

There are many ways that a bodybuilder can increase the intensity of a workout, one could decide to increase the intensity of a workout for a specific body-part. This will help break through a sticking point or training plateau and doing one and a half reps is a good alternative to increase muscle growth.

Doing one and half reps is exactly what it says. You perform a rep with full range immediately followed by another partial or half rep. The movement needs to be done with a slow tempo using goof form to be effective. Complete a full set repeating each rep by doing one and half reps.

Although this technique can be used to train using compound or isolation movements we will take the bicep curls because it is an easy reference.

For every full rep, complete a half-range rep, then repeat. One can easily experiment with targeting a body-part but it needs to be thought through correctly. Training a different body-art using one and half reps will put too much extra stress on your body, so rather one body-part once a week.

Be experimental and apply this technique to a few of your favorite exercises for added stimulus. With all of the Power Training Principles, remember that they shock the body, so apply them sparingly and on occasion, rather than on a daily basis. Whilst not the most popular of the Power Training Principles it gives you the opportunity to add variety and new stimulus to your training.

The "One-and-a-Half" Method is another way to safely apply a new form of intensity on the muscle being trained. It can be applied to a variety of exercises, however care must be taken to ensure that the half rep component of this training type is executed with strict and slow form for optimum benefit.

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