Female Bodybuilding Tips and Tricks

If you are a female bodybuilder or a female considering bodybuilding, you probably already know that you are at a distinct disadvantage compared to the men. You have twenty times less testosterone production than men which is the primary reason why a muscle grows. You also have estrogens that stores more fat which hides the muscle you do have.

Female bodybuilders are totally committed, it is a tough disciplined life they lead with no room for error. Starting to train like a female bodybuilder can be aided by an extensive list of tips to help you get into the mindset required to gain muscle. A female bodybuilder who never resort to drugs needs to be respected and admired.

Here is a list of useful female bodybuilding tips in no specific order:

Carb cycling simply means eating more carbs the days you train insuring your metabolic rate is always fast.

Increase daily protein by 15% Protein burns 35% more calories than carbs in getting fully metabolized

Transitional interval training High intensity followed by low intensity burns a serious amount of calories with many studies proving this

Drop-set isolation movements Reduce the weight when failure on heavy weight is reached. First few sets heavy as possible then reduce the weight on last set

Do full body workouts Get the after-burn effect for up to 36 hours post-workout when you do a tough full body workout

Training day big breakfast

Move at least every hour

7 to 8 hours sleep every night

Find a de-stress method

Reduce rest time between sets

Try a new cardio machine

Always focus on your form when doing any movement

Time your workouts Resting only 30 seconds has many benefits

Keep a training journal

Always take a diet break at least once a month to shock your metabolism as it slows down and gets used to the diet

Eat fish twice a week Just 4 ounces of Salmon will give you enough Omega3 for the week

Try coffee an hour before training it reducers fat storing capacity

Add Coconut oil to the diet you follow It increases calorie loss during digestion just like protein

Get a step counter Measure the total steps you take every 24 hours to get a good idea how to manage your calorie expenditure.

Try to dink 3 cups of Green Tea every day

Use smaller plates when you eat

Take whey protein daily

Plan your meals before you leave home

Use fresh herbs and spices when cooking

Start your day with high fiber oatmeal

Sprinkle Cayenne pepper food It contains a precious compound called casaicin that boosts metabolism

Track your food intake

Sprinkle crushed walnuts on salad Plenty Omega3

Never shop for food when you are hungry

Never drink sugar drinks/soda's

Make snacking simple

Try putting your folk down between bites

Never eat standing up

Try training before breakfast

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