The Secrets to Gaining Muscle Mass

As a trainer I have been asked many times for muscle gaining secrets to get muscle fast, I tell people that there are no secrets. There is just the knowledge of how to build muscle and the motivation to do the work necessary, dedication goes hand and hand with motivation so that the work you do continues to show results. Aside from eating right which only assists in muscle growth, there are many techniques that bodybuilders use to get muscle fast. The techniques I am going to explain work well for the novice and professional, they also work well with each other to produce better results.

Major Muscle Groups

By working larger muscles like chest, back, or quads as the primary muscle worked you are putting the most amount of energy towards building a larger muscle group, this will show the most gains by building the larger muscle. Usually a larger muscle group has a secondary muscle involved in the movement like triceps for chest, biceps for back, and calfs with quads, finish the workout by working the secondary muscle since it has already been partially worked. I have seen over and over when these smaller secondary muscles are worked seperately that they are over worked and do not grow as fast.

Compound Exercises

A compound exercise is an exercise that works more then one muscle group at a time, this can be the primary and secondary muscle or two different groups of muscles. Compound exercises have numerous benefits when it comes to building muscle, They are used more for shaping the entire body faster then hitting individual muscles but will not produce as much individual muscle growth, they do tie your muscles together for better symmetry.

Compound exercises strengthen your heart and lungs by adding some cardio to your weight training sessions, they can also be used to push past a plateau.

Muscle Confusion

This is important in building muscle, because muscle adapts to exercise you need to change the exercises periodically to continue growth. This time period is different for everyone but around 4 - 6 weeks is a good time to start thinking about it. Once an individual learns his body and when growth starts to slow this will become easier, this is part of instinctive training.

Lean Muscle Workouts

Ever notice that a strength training athlete will be huge but show very few cuts, that is because the type of training he does will promote fast growth and strength gains without producing enough exercise to show the shape or cuts of a muscle. This is why bodybuilders use lean muscle workouts to build and shape the muscle at the same time, this is done by using a repitition count of 6 - 10. A strength trainer usually does a set of 1 - 3 reps.

The bodybuilder also adds a shaping exercise like flyes or cables to shape and cut up a muscle, and watches the diet much closer.

To get muscle fast you need to know there are no muscle gaining secrets, it takes understanding of how to build muscle and dedication to stick with your workout plan once you design it. There is no quick way to get muscle fast, however you can start to build quality muscle at a decent rate by learning what exercises to perform and what to eat.

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