Add 1 inch to Your Arms

An inch added to your arms can be much more impressive than it would be to your chest, simply because the arms are a smaller area so the increase really shows up. And an extra inch is a lot of muscle on the arms.

Get there fast!

It is possible to add an inch to the arms - lots of guys have done so over the years with good success. But most of them take quite a while to get there. Why not get there fast, however? Why not really go after that inch right away? There is a way to do so. It was a tool that the Iron Guru, Vince Gironda, would have his trainees use to blast on half an inch to an inch in short order.

One Day to Bigger Arms

In fact Vince's approach works super fast. It calls for dedicating a day to the workout itself. But don't panic - you won't be working non-stop.

Vince had his trainees perform a couple of sets of barbell curls and a couple sets of triceps extensions every hour on the hour. So in an eight span, you would work the biceps and triceps eight times.

That's eight times more than you would in a typical workout, and the stimulation and stress cause the arms to swell up nicely. A half inch, three quarters, or maybe even an inch. And if you don't quite get there in this workout, wait a couple of weeks and do it again and that should put you close.

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