Bodybuilding Tips For Making Gains Like A Pro

Any professional bodybuilder has spent years developing his/her body and this self-awareness comes from pushing their limitations. It is certainly not an easy sport even if you are genetically gifted. It takes time and a huge effort of consistency and routine to get results.

You are probably not a professional bodybuilder reading this but they have valuable lessons to teach those of us who just want to increase muscle mass. The following tips taken from the top 10 professional bodybuilders will help you to get the results that you seek a lot faster.

Learn to master the basic form and the technique.

Using full range of motion is going to help you recruit more muscle fibers and create the anabolic environment for your muscle repair after your workout.

Teach yourself to push yourself. When you are training and trying to push.

Yourself beyond your limitations you should keep in mind when you start to think of quitting that professional bodybuilders are only just getting started when they get to that point.

Get a training partner to help you push through weak points, if you have the money get a coach. Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Amit Sapir all have coaches, it will not make you inferior, it makes you reach a bit farther into your limitations to get the results you seek.

All the pros will tell you to master the Olympic lifts. Even though competitive weightlifting is not your chosen sport the Olympic lifts will ensure you get the results for increasing both your strength and the muscle gained, as well as cardiovascular fitness.

You need to push a bit harder in every workout you do. Doing an extra rep or an extra set, lifting a heavier weight than you lifted the last time you did the movement or just improving the technique or form used will all have a massive impact on the results you get.

Split your workouts into a strength phase a cardio phase and a growth phase.

The strength phase will be a routine doing 3 sets per exercise with 5 to 7 reps that should be done for about 6 weeks always trying to increase the weight lifted. Next is the cardio or conditioning phase where you are doing 3 sets per exercise using 12 to 15 reps for about 6 weeks. The last phase is the growth phase where you are now doing 3 or 4 sets per movement using 8 to 12 reps for 6 weeks.

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