Beginners Bodybuilding Routine

Beginners Bodybuilding Routine Printable Form

  Form © 2003 by Luke Mertens

This is the Beginners Bodybuilding Routine from The Pumping Station. To calculate the amount of weight to perform each set with, enter your one rep max for each exercise in the first column of each table. To obtain your one rep max you can use The Pumping Stations one rep max calculator. After you have entered all the values in the first column select which week (1 thru 6) and then press Submit. After the sixth week you should recalculate your one rep max for each exercise.

            Click on Exercise


Your One REP MAX = SET#1
12 reps
10 reps
10 reps
8 reps

Barbell Curl (BICEPS)
French Press (TRICEPS)
Bent Over Row (LATS)
Military Press (SHOULDERS)
Squats (THIGH)


Form © 2003 by Luke Mertens,  percentages and routine obtained from The Pumping Station.

For more information see The Pumping Stations Beginners Bodybuilding Routine.

The Pumping Station would like to give a special thanks to Luke Mertens for his contribution of this printable workout form

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