Chicago Police Officer and Bodybuilder Sergio Oliva Shot by his Wife

Sergio Oliva Chicago Police Officer

When Sergio Oliva known as the "strong arm of the law" because of his 23" arms and being a patrol officer, was shot by his wife during a quarrel, it seemed like an unnatural situation for the investigators when Sergio finally got to the hospital with his wife holding his hand. The 3 time Mr. Universe champion had hit his wife and she shot him in defense.

Sergio had been a Patrol Officer in the Rogers Park District of Chicago where he had worked for years since he used to be a professional bodybuilder in the 1970's. Sergio was shot by his bodybuilder wife in his lower stomach when he was 45 years old, he was no longer competing.

Sergio Oliva Wife

Sergio has an amazing story and after defecting from Cuba in late 1962, taking all 32 team members of the Cuban weight-lifting team in Kingston, Jamaica with him. He became a legal citizen and qualified as a patrol officer as he started training with weights. With his superior genetics giving him a 60-inch chest with a 27-inch waist and 23 inch arms his police uniforms had to be specially made.

Sergio did not have it easy when he first started in America and he worked as a meatpacker for a few years before he got hired as a physical education instructor at the YMCA before he became interested in the police and joined their academy in 1965.

Sergio just got better and better and competed for 3 decades, he won Mr. World in 1966; Mr. Universe in 1967, 1968 and again in 1969; Mr. America in 1970; and Mr. Europe in 1981. Sergio defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger twice. Once in 1968 and then a year later, he won the World Cup Bodybuilding title seven times.

According to the reports, his wife had helped him get down the stairs after shooting him in their 3rd floor apartment, to wait on the street for the ambulance that the neighbors had called. Sergio was 45 years old when he was shot and apparently he had hit his wife twice before she shot him.

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