Top 10 Bodybuilding Books

Over the last 50 years when bodybuilding started coming out of the subculture status that it had been in since it started at the turn of the century, there have been a number of great books written on the subject. Some have been re-published and updated but some have clearly supplied exactly what this growing market is looking for.

The following books have been selected as the top bodybuilding books that are listed in no specific order. The brief description of the book only describes the content and not the value that it could add to your workouts or your results, it does not include the retail selling price.

Sport Supplement Reference Guide

William Llewellyn has published an extremely valuable book for any bodybuilder wanting to maximize gains without wasting any more money spent on supplements that simply do not do what they promise. This supplement guide has been unanimously voted as the top resource guide on the market today.

Men's Body Sculpting

Dr. Nick Evans presents a six week outline that will enable any dedicated athlete help to reach a breakthrough in both size and strength. Included in the very specific guidelines are the daily and weekly routines to follow by the world's leading fitness expert.

Better Than Steroids

If you are a bodybuilder looking for workout routines that work then this book will be the one to buy. How to plan your nutrition, how to increase cardio fitness levels and optimize fat-loss and muscle gain are all covered in an easy to understand well-presented way. The four times Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler says Dr. Willey gets to the core of what really matters when it comes to size, strength and getting ripped.

Bodybuilding Anatomy By Nick Evans

Dr. Nick Evans is a well-recognized bodybuilding guru that has been publishing key books on bodybuilding for years. His new book on bodybuilding anatomy comes with full color and very detailed anatomical illustrations including the exercises that he has also combined with a very effective step-by-step instruction on exactly how to do them. This is no ordinary bodybuilding book and stands as an exemplary resource to define and gain mass. A great book for beginners as it describes exact origin and insertion of all muscles.

Bigger Leaner Stronger

A number one bestseller by Michael Mathews makes science simple by describing the in-depth information needed to be successful at building muscle. Michael uses very understandable language to help you improve strength, endurance and general conditioning no matter what genetic profile you might have.

Championship Bodybuilding

Chris Aceto has published an easy to understand instruction book which includes a comprehensive and specific guide for any bodybuilder who is interested in competing. The book is divided into three sections covering novice, intermediates and professional and includes training schedules, set selections and rep ranges recommended. It includes priceless info on how to improve technique to improve results.

Encyclopedia Of Muscle & Strength By Jim Stoppani, PhD

Jim Stopapani, PhD is a postdoctoral researcher at the highly prestigious John Pierce Laboratory where he has been doing specific research on molecular physiology and how it affects gene regulation, diet and exercise. This book provides definitions of concepts and insights that have never been out for public viewing previously. Adding muscle and increasing strength is presented in an easy to understand manner that also includes suggested movements for 11 different muscle groups.

Strength Training Anatomy

Frederic Delavier delivers never seen before illustrations on human anatomy that will leave the reader with an entirely new comprehension of how a muscle contracts or reacts during any strength exercise. This book is rated as a best-seller for a good reason as it includes visual detail with top anatomy text plus top strength training advice.

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Said to be the greatest bodybuilding book of all time, this publication is an updated version of the previous publication that took the bodybuilding world by storm just like the author did. It includes fitness advice, nutrition advice and very specific weight training advice that every bodybuilder should read at some point.

Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding 21st Century Edition

Most of the good bodybuilding books were published in the 80's and the 90's but very few of the successful publications included 21st century research and new techniques like high intensity training etc. This new publication describes how to deal with the genetics you were born with, how to change your shape and build mass in shortest time, how to eat correctly and even how to create a posing routine.

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