Weight Training Tips for Women

For any woman wanting to change the shape of their body the answer is weight training and not doing hours of cardio on the elliptical. Women will not be able to develop muscle like men because they do not produce enough testosterone to show any big muscle gains.

But women can change the shape of their bodies a lot faster doing weight training. It is all about balance and symmetry because if a woman has a big ass all she needs to do is develop her hamstrings and suddenly her backside looks half the size than it used to.

Balance and symmetry together with the natural shape of muscle is attractive on a woman. Muscle burns more than twice the calories than fat and weighs two and a half times as much as fat. A high intensity workout with weights for 45 minutes will burn calories for up to 72 hours after the workout. Losing fat is easier when training with weights than any other activity. The following tips are for women who have just started weight training for the first time:

Learn the correct form for all movements you train

Your technique or the form you use to lift a weight is going to be the key to your success at weight training. It is critical that you learn to do the movements correctly. When starting the weight lifted is not as important as doing the movement correctly.

Learn how to do compound movements

Training with weights is all about getting stronger and in order to do that you need to master the four basic compound movements. Squats, bench-press, deadlifts and overhead press or military press. When you can do these movements correctly then you can start adding some weight.

Try something new

If you do 10 reps with a 10-pound weight every time you train will not get results, you need to mix it up. There is always something that can change when doing any movement. From lowering the weight for 3 seconds and then pushing up as fast as you can to changing the amount of time you rest between sets. Muscles are shaped and built from TUT (time under tension), the more effort you put in the better your results will be.

Train with free weights

Machines might seem to get the job done but the truth is that they will recruit less muscle fiber when doing a lift than free weights. The more effective you are at training with free weights the better your results will be as you start to get stronger.

Rest, nutrition and water

Success in getting stronger and losing fat fast comes from eating correctly and resting at least 48 hours before training your whole body again. Drinking 2 liters (one gallon) of water every 24 hours is recommended for anyone who is training hard on a regular basis.

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