Bodybuilding Roadblocks to Success

If you have been training for over a year then you already know all about the dreaded plateau when you train hard but don't get results. There are common errors that most bodybuilders fall into that we will discuss here in point form to cover as many of these issues as we can.

Choosing unproductive exercises

The most effective movements to build muscle are the big multi-joint movements from power cleans to dips they also include the all-important squat, deadlift, bench-press, chins and bent-over rows plus any overhead press movement. Beginners often fall into the trap of changing these movements to less effective movements like pec deck or leg extensions. etc.

Not thinking about form or exercise technique

Form is everything when training, no matter how advanced you think you might be you still need to always concentrate on form. The exercise technique that you use when you train is directly responsible your gains or lack of them. If you train in a sloppy way you'll get sloppy results.

Training as much as you can

If you think that if little exercise is good, then more exercise must be better and often beginners think that training a lot will be best. When it comes to weight training more is not better. Short hard and intense workouts have been scientifically proven to be the most effective way to increase muscle size.

Training with maximum intensity on every set

If you think that high intensity is best it does not mean that every set you do needs to be a drop set, negatives or forced reps. All beginners who have been training less than a year should stick to the basics as you build the foundation for muscle gain. Fancy new techniques that increase intensity should wait until you are ready.

Talking while training

Effective training only comes from 100% focus on each set. Your workouts are not social events, you are there to get results and it demands focus, concentration and effort. Any distraction is only going to affect the way you are able to recruit the required muscle fibers to complete the set.

Always training with exactly the same weight

Building muscle is about progressive resistance, you need to be lifting a heavier weight than you were last month otherwise you are wasting your time. Changing movements or sets and reps is going to mean a different weight but if you are doing the same movement with the same sets and reps using the same weight, then you are just fooling yourself that you will continue to gain muscle.

Depriving yourself of 8 hours of sleep

Going out until late at night, while training and missing at least 8 hours of sleep, is only going to result in over-training. Your muscles repair from the damage you did at the gym while you're sleeping, if you don't get the sleep quota you will lose any potential gain that you worked so hard for.

Not keeping a workout journal

If you're like any average bodybuilder you don't keep updating a training log. This will seriously impede the progress you will make as you're unlikely to be able to remember exactly what you did the last time you trained. If you keep meticulous records of the weights you lifted as well as the reps and sets you did, you'll know precisely which targets you need to improve on insuring further progress.

Worrying yourself to distraction

If you are concerned about not getting the results you expected then don't hassle about it, just get your training routine sorted out. This also includes you're eating regime, what, how and when you eat are the key to building muscle, so plan ahead and prepare your meals for the day before you leave home so that you don't land up buying a burger and fries for lunch. Building muscle requires patience and tenacity, if it was easy everyone would have muscle.

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