Targeted Hypertrophy Training

Targeted Hypertrophy Training (THT) is built on the three basic scientific facts that make a muscle get bigger. They are Intensity, Volume and Frequency. The "growth mechanism" described as overload is activated when weight training is done correctly. Often bodybuilding workouts get completed without activating this vitally important link to ensure muscle growth.

If anyone trains within their comfort zone no muscle growth will happen because the muscle has no need to grow. It is only by training outside of the comfort zone that any extra muscle can be added. Intensity is the first prerequisite the muscle needs in order to grow.

Studies done on muscle growth show that the muscle is stimulated to grow in size from doing just one set, as long as the point of muscle failure is reached. These studies showed that if the point of muscular failure was achieved, it did not matter whether the person was doing 1 set or 10 sets.

However farther study was done on the subject to prove the optimal amount of sets required for maximum muscle growth. An extensive study was done which proved conclusively that doing 4 to 6 sets per body-part created a 40% greater muscle hypertrophy than other sets studied.

It is important to note that the you can't perform multiple sets for each body-part and train that body-part 3 X week because more VOLUME requires more rest and recovery time to completely recover from the workout and start growing. Training the same body-part four times a week will only cause over-training and your muscles will start shrinking.

The muscle grows because it is overcompensating to prepare for the next workout. You will NOT grow more muscle without fully recuperating. Targeted Hypertrophy Training (THT) is extremely specific to get maximum results and that is to perform three cycles that constantly rotate.

The first cycle is the 2 x 5-day split routines that target each body-part once a week using multiple sets of 4 or 6 training Monday to Friday. After 10 weeks following this program you then go to training each body-part three times a week to the point of failure.

You then take one week (7 days) off training to ensure that your body has completely recovered but not enough time to start atrophying or getting smaller. In order to ensure continuous muscle growth, you have to increase weight and/or the reps applied to your muscles.

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