Rest Pause Workout Technique

What Are Rest-Pause Sets

Rest-Pause are an advanced training technique that few people ever use. Rest-Pause sets consist of choosing a weight below your 1 rep maximum, but heavy enough that you could probably only do 2 or 3 full repetitions. You do 1 rep and put the weight down. Rest for 5-8 seconds or until you can do another rep and do 1 more. You keep repeating this process with the same rest in between reps for 8-12 reps usually or until you can't do any more. You've in essence done an entire set with max poundages.

The Science Behind Rest-Pause Sets

Like partials and negatives, rest-pause sets are based on the equation, more weight=more stimulation=more growth. It is an entire set of maximum stress placed on the body. It allows you to do an entire set of maximum lifts with weight you normally couldn't handle for a regular 8-12 rep set.

How To Use Rest-Pause Sets In Your Training

Through experimenation, you'll find that some exercises work better with this type of training.

Try it out and use it when you get stale and need a little variation to get you going again. Don't base your routine on rest-pause sets as basic HIT sets are the best. These do up the intensity though and spark new growth if used at the right times very infrequently!

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