Bodybuilders Who Have Gone Too Far

Bodybuilders That Went Too Far

Gregg Valentino is the man featured in that popular video documentary, "The man whose arms exploded". Gregg used stroids and synthol to make his 18 inch arms grew to a completely in-human 28 inches.

Bodybuilding is a tough sport, it's not something you only do on weekends; it's a lifestyle choice that affects everything. Bodybuilders that went too far are a dime a dozen in any first world economy, men and women who have decided to cheat, whether it was to win a competition or feed their ego, the definition of a bodybuilder who went too far is someone who used steroids, synthol, etc. and paid the price.

For example, Dean Wharmby died of tumors that developed as a direct result of taking anabolic steroids, these tumors turned cancerous and he died before he was 40. There are many examples of top competitive bodybuilders that have passed on at the age of 45 to 55 from various kidney and cancer problems directly caused from taking steroids.

The idea of cheating by taking steroids and bodybuilders who went too far competing at a sport includes men and women. Women like Terri Harris who started by winning the NPC state crown and after winning many top female bodybuilding titles including Ms. Universe, also died of a cancer she developed as a direct result of taking anabolic steroids.

If you talk to any gym owner long enough he or she will tell you stories of people who decided to cheat and the ultimate price they had to pay for it. We have deliberately only listed 2 published names of people who have died from taking steroids following a bodybuilding dream.

Good coaches will advise their students that sport is about the human spirit, the fancy new sports gear and machinery that comes out every year to get better results does not change the reason you compete. But steroids do, they change everything because it is more than just the human spirit of sportsmanship.

To cheat at any sport diminishes not only the sport in which they are competing but all the competitors that have competed before them. Steroids have been declared illegal in all sport for a very good reason; it takes away the spirit from which sport was built on.

That argument is complicated and we could list 10 or 15 names of bodybuilders, both male and female that has landed up paying the ultimate price for pursuing more muscle mass or some bodybuilding title. From top names in the business like Flex Wheeler that have succumbed to cancer that the doctors who examined him explain is a direct result of taking anabolic steroids.

The problem gets more complex when we consider the many different alternatives one can select from when choosing a supplement or steroid to increase muscle size. From diuretics to lose water before competing so that the competitor can show more muscle to human growth hormones (HGH) and insulin which are often used in a complex cycle to maximize muscle gain.

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