What Equipment Is Needed For Bodybuilding

This article will cover the subject of bodybuilding equipment and what equipment do you need really for bodybuilding.

First I want to say that equipment should never be an excuse, I have seen too many people say they can't workout because they can't get to a gym, or that the gym doesn't have top of the line equipment, etc, etc. This of course is all bullshit, because "where there is a will there is a way", and if you want explain away why you didn't reach your goals with excuses then you've come to the wrong website and don't bother reading any further.

The truth is you can build muscle without any equipment at all, just using your own bodyweight in exercises such as squats, push up, chin ups, etc. And many people have even built big muscles with only buckets filled with sand or rocks.

If you are setting up a home gym here are my suggestions in order of importance.

The most basic bodybuilding equipment, would be an adjustable barbell and dumbbell set, you can do all the basic exercises with this, squats, deadlifts, rows, presses, curls, etc.

The next thing that would be helpful would be a workout bench, it is best to can get one that is adjustable so you can do inclines. Also it's great to also have one with a leg extension and leg curl attachment.

A door way chin up bar is also a great thing to have for working your back and biceps with chin-ups, pull-ups, etc.

If you still have money and room, a power rack would be a great addition, this will help you work heavy safely on squats and bench press even if you train alone.

Of course, you can always add on as time, space any money allows you to, but guess what - that is really all you need.

Many amazing bodies have been built using only good old fashioned hard work on the most basic of workout equipment.

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