Negative Reps Weight Training

What Are Negative Reps

Negative repetitions enable the body to handle more weight than full concentric repetitons. They are done in the same manner as positive reps except, obviously, the other way. They are called eccentric reps also. The involve lowering the weight in a controlled fashion for anywhere from 3-10 seconds depending on how you are using them.

The Science Behind Negatives

The muscles can handle 2-3 times more weight eccentrically than concentrically. Therefore, using them would mean utilizing the equation, more weight=more stimulation=more growth. They are very similar to partials in that they enable someone to overload their muscles with more weight than it is able to handle for full, concentric reps.

How To Do Negative Reps In Your Training

Some people make entire sets out of negatives by only lowering the weight and having a spotter put it back into the contacted posotion so as to not waste your strength lifting it concentrically.

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