How to Get Absolutely Huge!

Okay, I know exactly what you're looking for.

You're skinny and you get no respect. Salesmen walk up behind you and say, "Can I help you, madam?" You're sick and tired of having to laugh off intimidation from bigger guys. You're tired of girls respecting you for your mind and just wanting to, "be friends." You want them to love you for your body! You want to be ABSOLUTELY HUGE!

You came to the right place.

I've watched hundreds of guys just like you gain tons of mass in relatively short time periods. Do you ever wonder what they know that you don't? Have you ever felt like they just naturally have some genetic advantage that you don't? Don't doubt yourself. Don't think that it can't happen for you, because it can! Now you're going to tell me, "Man, I've been doing everything to gain size for the last six months and I'm just as pathetic as when I started". I'm going to tell you, "baloney!" If you had been doing everything right you'd be a monster right now!

Do exactly what I tell you to do, and in six months you will be as big as a house.

How bad do you want it? Bad enough to get organized and do it right? Are you serious enough? Because if you are, you will make it happen!

Here's the big secret!

If you aren't gaining weight then you need to slam down more calories. To gain weight you have to take in more calories than you burn. If you aren't gaining, it's because you aren't eating enough. Calories make you gain mass. Period. If you eat enough calories your stubborn arms can't help but grow. Will it just be fat? Absolutely not! Not if you're training like an animal! Here's some more good news: the more calories you eat the faster you'll gain weight. I know - I'm the king of weight gain. I went from 121 lbs to 248 pounds of lean muscle in just two years. I could have done it even faster if I knew then what I know now.

Get on a feeding schedule and stick to it!

You'll have to have 6000 calories or more. That's because, that's how many calories it takes to get really huge! Start with the lower calorie schedule and work your way up. You'll need to modify these schedules so you don't get too bored. Buy a calorie booklet at any bookstore that shows carbs, fat, and protein for different foods

Train like you mean it!

I watch a lot of young people come into my gym and mess around with weights. You can tell by the way they do the exercises that they are never going to gain an inch. Their mind is totally disconnected from their muscles - no concentration. They're just going through the motions. I try to help them, but most of them expect results without any true sacrifice or effort. I hate to be the one to break the news to them, but that just isn't the way things work.

Here's exactly what you need to do:

1) Join a Gym! You just can't get there with basalt blocks and a broomstick.

2) Follow the training program.

3) Stick to your feeding schedule and don't talk yourself into wimping it up with compromises.

4) If you are new to weight lifting, get a trainer to show you the ropes so you don't waste time or hurt yourself.

5) Concentrate on the movements that build mass. That means curls, rows and presses. Forget about the pretty moves you see the big guys or the competitors doing. They may be doing triceps kickbacks to build a little better symmetry on the medial-distal part of their tricep. You need to concentrate on getting a set of triceps in the first place!

6) Do 12 to 15 reps per set. Forget about showing off. Forget about strength contests. Bigger guys lift heavier weights, but struggling out 2 reps with more weight than you can handle never made anyone gain bigger muscles. You'll gain more muscle by trying to turn 12 reps into 15 reps with the same weight. If you want to get big, train with a big brain, not a big ego!

7) Train to failure. Pick a weight that you know you'll be able to get about 13 reps with. That way if you didn't rest quite enough between sets you'll get at least 12 reps, and if you're a little stronger than you think you might be able to pound out 15. If your guess was a little light, for heaven's sake don't stop at 15. Try for 20! Train all the way to failure, but don't go so far that your training partner is lifting the last two reps for you. That's a good way to get hurt. If he is supplying more than 20% of the steam, it's time to stop.

8) Train every body part equally. Don't ignore body parts. You'll regret it. You'll never be able to catch up later. Big guys without segmented abdominals always seem to look fat. Guys with big chests and arms and no back always look like they are slouching. Guys with big biceps and skinny forearms look skinny in short sleeved shirts. Guys with big arms and no pectorals look narrow and weak. Guys with big shoulders and arms and skinny legs just look plain dumb. You are going to wear a swimsuit some day. Train all your muscles.

9) Control the weight. You are a weight lifter, not a weight thrower! When you jerk a weight up and let it practically freefall you are accomplishing zip. Go watch South Park and have a Cheezy Poof, you'll gain just as much muscle (none, Cartman)! Your movements should be slow in each direction until you reach the last 3 or 4 reps, then your good form can relax a little.

10) You aren't lifting a weight at all, you are contracting a muscle against resistance. Focus on the feeling in the muscle. Forget that the barbell exists. People always ask me questions like, "should I do inclines to build my upper chest?" The answer is, it isn't the inclines that force the upper chest to push the weight, it is your brain. If you have a weak upper chest it is because your brain doesn't know how to control the upper chest. It uses the stronger lower chest, front delts, and triceps instead. You have to teach your brain to control the muscle. No exercise will ever fix your problem. Fixing weak body parts takes a lot of effort because your brain will fight you at every step. But the best time to start is right at the beginning of your bodybuilding experience (before it gets out of hand). I've seen people doing inclines with their upper chest completely slack at the top of the movement! Find ways to combat this. For example, on the incline press try to force your hands towards each other on the bar as you press the weight (don't actually slide your hands or you may lose control). When you finally find your upper chest the weight will get very unstable because you hardly ever use this muscle. It's like a baby trying to learn how to reach out and grab a glass of water. It takes time, effort, and concentration to learn how to do it right.

11) Get a training partner. It's rare to find a professional bodybuilder these days who does not have a training partner. They know there's just no way to get as intense a workout without someone watching and helping you. It's so important to choose the right partner that bodybuilders make lists of the qualities of a good training partner. In fact many of them interview each other for the job. Here's your short cheat-sheet: 

Make sure he will never disappoint you by not showing up:

"When will you be out of town over the next three months?"

 "Do you get sick often, and if you do, did you get your flu shot?"

"Are there any issues in your life or schedule that could make you late for workouts?"

  The very fact that you ask him these questions will let him know you are serious. Then you better not be the one who flakes out! Determine if the potential partner has a strong work ethic, consistent enthusiasm, level moods, long-term commitment to bodybuilding, enough personal power to kick you in the rear when you are lagging, yet enough sensitivity not to drive you towards an injury. Is he organized enough to live up to his feeding schedule? If you're the only one making gains he will quickly get discouraged.

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