Bodybuilding Murder Case Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan and Craig Titus

Craig Titus was a top competitor for the Mr. Olympia contest, but all of that was years before he eventually pleaded guilty and the truth came out. His competitive bodybuilder wife Kelly Ryan was also at the top of her sport at one time and she pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon.

It was a mess from the start as they both decided to tell the police that their house-keeper Nancy James died of a drug overdose and they decided to burn the body in Craig's red Jaguar sedan. In a 9 week trial the ugly truth came out, including Craig's steroid abuse and his excessive experimentation in drugs.

It all happened in Las Vegas USA and to put the whole event in perspective one reporter wrote: "It's a situation where two very successful people flamed out in America's Sin City," Glenn Puit who eventually wrote and published a book all about the case.

Titus was 43 when he was arrested in 2005 for murder but jail was not a new concept to Craig, he had a very long drug history. He served in a federal prison for selling Ecstasy October 1995. His probation was revoked when he was tested positive for HGH in 1999.

From OxyContin painkillers to taking over $500 worth's morphine, Titus and Ryan then told police everything including injecting synthetic opiate Nalbuphine and methamphetamine. The defendants admitted to "roid rage" being responsible for their horrific act in a mitigation attempt.

Prosecutors accused them both of using a stun gun, then administering morphine and asphyxiating James with wire. The couple explained to police that they employed James to manage their fitness clothing business, but they said they evicted her when they discovered she'd been looting their bank accounts. Titus explained an affair with James that went bad.

Craig Titus is still in jail but Kelly Ryan is now out. The fast life finally court up with these two that lived more like Bonnie and Clyde than Mr. and Mrs. Health & Fitness USA. It was a shaky time for the fitness industry because both Craig and Kelly had been on the cover of countless health and fitness magazines.

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