Basic Weight Training Information for Beginners

Before any person starts with weight training they should first write down their objectives. The more specific your plan is the better you can plan your workouts to achieve a specific goal. From improving your baseball game to adding 10 pounds of muscle, you should be as specific as you can.

Bodybuilding or weight training is built on a foundation that is a lot more than how and when you train. Your success at increasing strength (i.e muscle) is dependent what you eat and how you relax. Factors like drinking enough water are also a pre-requisite for health and increased muscle mass.

Your time spent at the gym will be breaking the muscle down, stretching the muscle to the point of failure so that when you eat during the 90 minute window after your workout, your muscles start the repair process called protein synthesis. You muscles need to prepare it-self to be ready for the next workout which it knows will be worse than the last one.

Over time your muscles are forced to adapt to the stress they are put under even it is for only 45 minutes three times a week. The muscles start becoming larger, they do not change their shape, muscles become larger in order to cope with the extra load. This is called progressive resistance.

When you join a gym or you decide to train at home the most important aspect of training with weights is form. This means how you do the movement when lifting and lowering the weight. Your form is critical if you want to avoid injury which could stop you lifting forever.

When starting as a novice the weight that you lift does not mean anything, so get the idea of pushing a 300 pound bench-press or a 500 pound squat out of your brain. You first need to learn form and how to execute the movement correctly. Sports science has studied these movements for years, if they tell you do it that way it is for a reason.

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