Bodybuilding Stripping Method

Strip set training, unlike drop set training is specifically done with barbells. The problem with strip set training is that you need some planning to get it organized because it requires 2 spotters. The reason why you need 2 spotters is because they each take a plate off the barbell at the same time.

Sports science can now tell us that when we use compound movements with a heavy weight doing low reps we are able to achieve maximum growth potential. Basically you are destroying the muscle by doing reps without stopping. Your 2 spotters take off a plate on each side of the barbell when you reach failure.

It is this type of maximum loading that will stimulate muscle growth. A good strip set workout would start using heavy compound movements and end with cable or pulleys that are easy for one spotter to change when you reach the point of failure.

It needs to be stressed that strip set training is not for beginners who have been training less than 6 months. It is a demanding workout where you go past the point of failure, making sure that every muscle fiber in the targeted muscle group is fully activated.

Tempo is important when doing strip sets, you need to exaggerate the eccentric movement and do every movement with 3 second eccentric lowering of the weight. After completing the set your spotters would remove 10% to 20% of the weight while you try and rep out another set.

Strip sets are usually done with three movements but more can be added. You should select a heavy weight that you can only do 6 to 8 reps.

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