What is The Adonis Ratio?

Some people can train with weights their whole life and never understand how they were always working against themselves. The Adonis Ratio is the balanced difference between the size of the hips and the width of the shoulder girdle, which Leonardo da Vinci first wrote about this perfect proportion in 1496 he called it "The Devine Proportion" (De Divina Proportione).

This perfect proportion is very specific and is based on the immediate subconscious admiration that happens between both sexes, called "The Adonis Effect". The Adonis Effect is a very powerful subconscious effect that influences how your physical presence will affect others.

Proportion and symmetry are the cornerstones of any good bodybuilder. But when you use the Adonis Ratio, the accent changes completely because the muscle priority changes. You actually know these measurements, deep inside your subconscious, psychology tells us that you are attracted to the perfect proportions of the opposite sex.

If you are male, then seeing women with perfect proportions immediately requires your attention, whether you like it or not, unless you'e homosexual. The point is that there are certain movements which will enhance this perfect proportion or symmetry and there are movements that don't.

For example, doing deadlifts and crunches with a heavy weight will ultimately destroy any proportion you might have had, making you actually look worse, less attractive to the opposite sex. This can be applied more specifically when we look at a movement like bench-press.

Banging your chest out to get more growth on your pecs could be fighting against your genetic proportions. Your bodies Adonis ratio has many perfect measurements, like the perfect proportion size of your calf muscles are the same as your biceps. Or your wrist size is exactly half the size of your neck etc.

The pecs have a genetically larger major pec compared to the minor pec, you should adjust the way you do bench-press according to the genetic adjustments needed to improve your Adonis ratio. The specifics are not complicated, as mentioned above it is the subconscious knowledge that probably started you training with weights in the first place.

Men don't need to be told what women are attracted to, they know because they have competed in an open market place where everyone is equal. Research done on women who cheat show conclusively that the men most women hooked up with had a better Adonis ratio than the man they were cheating on.

If you are a bodybuilder then you will know all about proportion and symmetry, bodybuilders are also judged by muscle depth and equity of your muscle. Huge 24 inch arms with 17 inch legs is not bodybuilding, that has nothing to do with seeking symmetrical development of all body-parts at the same time.

The next time you look at yourself in a full length mirror take a look at your Adonis ratio, if you're a bodybuilder you will know exactly what to look at. Muscle comes from strength and showing equal development in every body-part is the art of bodybuilding.

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