Idiots at The Gym

Gym Idiots

Idiots at the gym are as common as they were when the fitness boom started in the early 1980's. There are many examples of what an idiot at gym would do; below we have just mentioned a few but there are many more that may be specific to your own gym.

Gym Idiot Example #1:

This type of training is limited to novice bodybuilders that have read somewhere that if you increase the weight and reduce reps you need to do the reverse and when you've reached failure you need to decrease the weight and increase the reps to go back where you started.

The whole system is seriously flawed because you're straddling two separate types of workouts. You either go with pressing heavy using low reps or you use a lighter weight with higher reps. You either training to build mass or you're improving your muscle tone.

By keeping every D/B in the gym from the 20's through the 50's conveniently at your feet, you're taking dumbbells away from others, it's selfish and it's ineffective training technique. The novice that's doing this high volume training for which he's probably not eating enough to fully repair from usually grunts and makes a big noise on every lift.

Gym Idiot Example #2:

Usually novice bodybuilders come together with a big ego for the first year or two of their training. The novice bodybuilder with a big ego will probably be taking 5 to 10 minutes rest between his heavy sets to failure. This is also flawed thinking as the rest period between sets is clearly indicated for maximum results and freely available online:

1 to 3 reps: Rest for max 5 minutes between sets
4 to 7 reps: Rest for max 2 to 3 minutes between sets
8 to 12 reps: Rest for max1 to 2 minutes between sets
More than 13 reps: Rest for max 1 minute between sets

Gym Idiot Example #3:

Most women in the weight room do NOT want to talk. If she is doing lunges near the squat rack leave her alone, it's taken her plenty courage to walk through the testosterone filled weight room to pick up the dumbbells she wants to work with. Let her be, she's working out which is what you should be doing.

You're going to have to be very charming to make any welcome advance to a lady in a naturally hostile environment of a weight room. If you're going to say something to a lady in your gym trying to work out, take some advice she doesn't want to hear your opinion on her workout.

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