Supersets Weight Lifting for Muscle Growth

What Are Supersets

Supersets are sets of two different exercises done with little or no rest in between them. They are used to further up the intensity and to force your muscles to work while fatigued. Mike Mentzner, the HIT master, highly recommends them in his training program, Heavy Duty II. The are extremely hard if done properly.

How To Do Supersets

Supersets are usually done with exercises that HIT the same bodypart. For example, a good way to use them is to do a compound movement to failure and then do an isolation movement right after that, also to failure. Taking incline barbell presses to failure followed by incline flyes would be a good way to use them. This would HIT the upper chest with a pressing movement and also an isolation movement all in one set.

Some people like to superset exerciss of different, usually contrasting bodyparts like biceps and triceps or chest and back or even quads and hams. A super set of this type would be usually two compound movements done one after the other. This helps stretch the opposite bodypart while the other one is working. This is an especially effective way to train arms on occasion. Doing dunbbell curls to failure then triceps pressdowns to failure right after that will give you a phenomenal pump. Remember not to do too many partials when supersetting because the set is already hard enough and partials or negatives are not necessary as your intensity will already be through the roof!

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