Pre Exhaustion Weight Training System

It is one of the best techniques I've ever used. It is used to overcome weak links. For example, in a set of squats, you use the quads, hams, and glutes primarily although it is used for the quads. Since the quads are so much stronger than the hams and glutes, the quads never truly reach total failure since the weak links(hams and glutes) fail first and the set is thereby terminated without the quads exerting 100% intensity of effort and not getting total stimulation. This is also true for the lats who depend on the biceps and the chest who depends on the triceps. So we exhaust those musles with exercise that use the lats and chest, but leave the smaller muscles(biceps and triceps) amlmost fully functional when the second movement is intiated.

This would be done for legs by pre-exhausting your quads with leg extensions right before squats or leg presses. It would be done for the lats, by using pullovers which use almost none of the biceps strength before any type of rowing or pulldown movement. For the chest, flyes would be used before and press. For delts, side raises before presses would work. You can do the pre-exhaustion set with a super set to further the intesnity and really pre-exhaust. For quads for example, you would do a set of leg extensions to failure then go without any rest right to a set of squats or leg presses. That shit is hard so be advised! It feels great at the same time though!

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