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First there was The Myth . . . now The Saga continues.

Having made his first appearance on the 1984 Olympia stage as an infant, Sergio Oliva Junior has now begun a slow and steady journey that he hopes might one day lead him back again to that very same contest of champions.

Sergio Oliva Junior’s young life has already included some rather tough and quite pivotal decisions. Imagine that you discover that your passion lies in the same sport that your father once dominated . . . a father whose name you share . . . a father that would probably prefer that you NOT follow in his footsteps . . . and then, nevertheless, you summon the courage to withstand all the inevitable and endless father/son comparisons. You forge ahead and begin to shape your own career. This kind of very unique choice requires a rare kind of certainty and determination about one’s life path.

In the spring of 2008 Sergio Jr. competed for the first time as a heavyweight at the NPC Southern USA Bodybuilding Championships where he took second place in his division and thus qualified for the nationals.

Sergio placed in the top five of the heavyweight division during his national debut show, the NPC Jr. National Bodybuilding Championships in June of 2009. His father presented him with his trophy on stage. Sergio Junior later "returned" the trophy to his dad as a father's day gift. According to "The Myth", it was the best father's day present he'd ever received.

Sergio took two years away from competition in order to build the true, "quality" muscle mass he would need to step onstage as a super-heavyweight. His strategy worked very well. He competed for the first time as a super-heavyweight at the 2011 NPC Southern USA and not only took his weight class but also won the entire contest. His next move will be to the national stage to compete in his new weight class.

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