Sergio Oliva Jr Teams Up
With Labrada Nutrition

sergio oliva jr

When the finely tuned genetically gifted bodybuilder called Sergio Oliva Jr decided to join the IFBB Mr. Universe nutrition expert Lee Lebrada it made perfect sense. The combined talents of these two men have ensured the continued success of the Lebrada Nutrition Company, which is over 18 years old now.

The stringent independent FDA approved facilities that are used to create the ever-increasing range of supplements and products offered by the Lebrada Nutrition Company made sense for Sergio.

After Sergio Jr competed in the 2009 NPC he did not compete for a few years and that is when he signed on with Lebrada Nutrition determined to be the best bodybuilder of all time. The Lebrada Nutrition Company is the leader in its quality and its range of support offered to the Lebrada Nutrition community.

When you purchase a product from the company you become part of its team and you get an enormous range of helpful tips and insights into both training and nutrition. The cutting edge nutrition offered with this top of the range supplements will ensure success when training to gain muscle.

Although Sergio Jr and Sergio Senior have never agreed on everything about bodybuilding they did agree on that the Lebrada Nutrition selection was the best choice to get the best results. In an article published by Muscle and Fitness the reporter explained the two training together for the first time in 22 years during the shoot.

There is a love for the sport of bodybuilding that the two men have and despite Sergio Seniors attempt to dissuade Sergio Jr from being a competitive bodybuilder they finally found a common ground in the weight room.

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