Sergio Oliva Jr Bodybuilding Diet Plan

sergio oliva jr

Sergio Oliva jr is a man on a mission and when one considers his genetic potential, born with both his parents being top professional bodybuilders, one thinks that this man will put on muscle easily. But a genetically gifted bodybuilder is common, it takes hard training and strict nutrition to put on muscle no matter who your parents are.

The advantage Sergio had growing up with two parents that were extremely nutritionally aware forced him to think about what he was eating at an early age. With an intrinsic knowledge on what good nutrition is he grew into a 6 foot tall well balanced bodybuilder competing at 250lbs.

He worked out what diet works best just like any good bodybuilder but unlike his 3 X Mr. Olympian father who did not have the advantage of modern day protein shakes like he quickly saw the advantage of using these supplements. He joined the Lee Lebrada Team because he uses and endorses their Iso Shakes which he takes in every day as meal replacements in his daily diet.

Because Sergio is now a professional bodybuilder he uses a combination of these shakes and supplements to give his body the best chance of recovery from his brutal workouts, as seen on Utube. Lee Lebrada Nutrition markets supplements like BCAA powder, Glycocarn capsules, Glautalean and Clealean which he adds to some of his meals.

Below is a list of the 8 meals Sergio would take in on an average training day which you will see is specifically designed to incorporate one hard training session a day. But often bodybuilders would cycle onto a double split routine training twice a day, where the diet would be adjusted accordingly.

Meal One:
10 organic eggs with 7 whites and 3 yolks, complex carbs would only be added depending on the preparation for competition.
Meal Two:
Iso Lean Pro Shake together with a power carb, Clealean, Glautalean and some BCAA powder.
Meal Three:
8 oz of chicken breast with two cups of brown rice and a cup of fresh spinach that is boiled in water and not nuked in a microwave.
Meal Four: (Pre-workout meal)
Supercharge, Power Carb, BCAA powder, A2 Pump capsules and Clealean capsules which makes up a good meal replacement with all the necessary nutrients needed to fuel a grueling intense workout.
Meal Five: (Post-workout meal)
ISO Lean Protein
Power Carb
BCAA powder
Meal Six:
3 talipa fillets with sweet potato and asparagus
Meal Seven:
10 organic eggs with 7 whites and 3 yolks.
Meal Eight:
Lean Pro 8 Shake

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