Cytodyne Z-Mass Supplement

Rumors in the field of sports medicine say that Cytodyne Z Mass PM has been the greatest scientific discovery in the last ten years. It has been around awhile but there were never any studies done to conclusively prove their effectiveness. The American College of Sports Medicine were recently presented with these studies that were clearly able to prove Z-Mass PM will increase strength and most hormone levels by up to 250%.

Although the studies presented were very scientific the anabolic effects of Cytodyne Z-Mass PM on the fast-twitch muscle fibers was clearly shown. Although most of the studies were done on football players in hard training the obvious increase in testosterone production and the resulting increase in protein synthesis would be of benefit for any strength related athlete.

One of the powerful active ingredients in the new Z-Mass PM is the all-natural 20-hydroxyecdysone which has clearly shown in many different clinical studies to increase protein synthesis. The good part of this 250% increase in T and HGH levels is that it comes with no side effects.

Z-Mass-PM contains another two ingredients that are able to work together with the 20-hydroxyecdysone creating a highly effective supplement. The first is zinc monomethionine aspartate (ZMA) in the studies done showing the radical 250% increase in T.

The second ingredient is magnesium aspartate that has clearly shown in 16 different studies to be directly responsible for improving anabolic hormone production. The reason why this is so effective is because when you are training with high intensity the magnesium aspartate and your natural ZMA are depleted which negatively affects hormone production.

Cytodyne Z-Mass PM stops this depletion and therefore ensures the continued production of the T and HGH levels you need in order to gain any muscle. The sky is the limit as the only thing stopping you gaining more muscle is governed by your own genetic ability to maximize this hormone production.

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