How to Workout Without a Gym

There are many reasons for someone wanting to train with body-weight only. From preventing a recurring injury, to affording gym fees and transport to get there. There is a wide range of advantages training in your garage or in the park across the road or even at the beach, but it needs planning.

Convenience is obvious as you can train anywhere, anytime which is great for training when on vacation. You donít have to come up with any money for weights, barbells or dumbbells and it will definitely improve your flexibility, endurance and balance as well as your general co-ordination.

Although pull-ups are not listed in the workout below, it is strongly suggested that you purchase a cheap pull-up bar that fits in a doorway so that you can add pull-ups to the workouts listed below. Muscle size is developed when any explosive movement, like plyometric push-ups, squat jumps, and split squat jumps are done.

Developing muscle is all about progressive resistance and if you are starting for the first time then you will probably not be able to do 100 push-ups or 100 squats so it is all about the intensity you put into the following movements. The simple workout listed below should be done with an increasing intensity as you start to get stronger. The following circuit should be done three times for a hard 35 minute workout.

The following should be done by going for maximum intensity pushing as hard as you can for only 30 seconds so you see how many reps you can do, which gives you a point to shoot for the next time you train. The three workouts listed below should be done straight after each other with a long rest, if just starting off for the first time.

Workout 1:
Body-weight squats for 30 seconds then rest
Body-weight push-ups for 30 seconds then rest
Alternating lunges with body-weight for 30 seconds then rest
Plank with bodyweight hold for 60 seconds or failure

Workout 2:
Squat jumps with bodyweight for 30 seconds then rest
Plyometric push-ups for 30 seconds then rest
Split squat jumps for 30 seconds then rest
Front plank for 60 seconds or failure

Workout 3:
Isometric Squats for 30 seconds then rest
Isometric push-ups (Mid-hold push-ups)
Isometric lunge and hold for 30 seconds then rest
Hip Bridge for min 30 seconds or failure then rest

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