When Bodybuilding and Steroids Go Wrong

John was once a smart, young, talented child, today John was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. What went wrong? How could this child with so much promise become a man known to citizens as one of the most violent criminals in America?

As a child John was always the first one picked for everything, he was the envy of every boy in school, and the boy in all of the girl's dreams. The only thing better than his athletic abilities was his mind and the greatness inside of it. He gave 100% to everything he did, and in sports he gave complete concentration and effort. He was a kind, empathetic child, willing to help anyone in need.

John spent years perfecting himself to be the ultimate athlete and bodybuilder, nothing could stop him from being on top, but when lifting weights no longer seemed to be working he turned to steroids. The steroids made him bigger and stronger than ever, he now knew that no one would ever be able to beat him. As his body became stronger, he began to have an escalated temper. He never let things bother him before, but now the slightest mistake would set him off. He did manage to control himself, most of the time, but sometimes he would hit the walls so hard the earth would shake.

With graduation soon approaching, his future seemed to be set, college, pro ball, bodybuilding, the life of a talented athlete who would be hung on young children's walls. He was a true inspiration to everyone who knew him. Today he will graduate high school with all of the kids he started kindergarten with, and on this day the drugs that took him this far, will take complete control of his body. Today he will destroy his future and end the future of 10 other graduates. Those ten kids looked up to him from the moment they met him, and now each will be looking down on him as he spends his days lifting weights, and sulking in regrets of what he did and what he could have had in his future.

Editors note: In the majority of school shootings, the shooters were on Psychiatric drugs, usually anti-depressants. For more information visit Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

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