Best Weight Gain Supplements Review

Anyone interested in weight gain products is someone who is genetically thin and wants to add some solid bulk to his/her frame. If you have a problem eating a lot and gaining any sort of weight no matter what you eat then a good weight gain supplement will help.

Obviously gaining muscle is more important than gaining fat which is why these weight gainers are packed with good quality protein and amino acids but it also includes a range of good quality complex and simple carbohydrates unlike a regular protein shake.

If you are training with weights on a regular basis and want to add good quality weight to your frame then you should approach this endeavor as scientifically as possible to ensure results. The first step would be to calculate your maintenance calories using an easy to access calculator online.

You then need to consume between 500 - 1000 more calories than your calculated maintenance calories. Avoid simple sugars like junk foods that are just packed with fat and sugar. The extra calories needed should be in the form of a sensible weight gain shake like Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer or BSN True Mass 1200 and countless other choices on the market.

You should take these weight gainers before breakfast and after an intense workout to add the 500 or 1000 calories needed. It should be noted that these weight gain shakes should never be used as the primary source for your nutrition. Never rely ONLY on the nutrients gained from taking these shakes, they are designed as a supplement and not total nutrition needed.

The point is that weight gainer shakes will only work in tandem with good eating habits. Eating calorie dense foods is not the solution as you will only get fat so you need to plan your day and eat healthy balanced meals 4 to 6 times a day. Protein should be about 1.2 grams per pound of bodyweight.

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